iSeeK+Scalp mini

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Breo iSee K- Visual Eye Massager with Innovative Point Vibration Technology and Audio Resonance

What is a 3D eye massage experience?

It's a must-have experience! Have you ever thought that you can have your eyes open will enjoy a comfortable massage? The visual design makes it possible. together with the HiFi sound effect, the movement of the independent smart controlled massage heads can be combined with music rhythm, each song is a different massage experience

Breo Scalp Mini Scalp Massager Waterproof Scalp and Full Body Care Electric Head Brush

Ergonomically designed and waterproof.

Armed with ergonomic designs, Scalp Mini is easy to hold. Up to the IPX7 waterproof standard, it can be used even in a shower. The compact scalp massager enables you to clean your scalp better with joy. 


Breo iSee K- ergonomic design

Your favorite songs get to control your eye massage.

iSee K uses the ever-new technique that allows the massaging heads to vibrate with the beat of the music, and the Bluetooth connection to the mobile phone enables you to enjoy massive audio resonance eye massage methods, which will relax you more quickly and release stress.

Breo Scalp Mini - portable design

Travel-friendly and pet-friendly.

Weighing only 320g, Scalp mini and iSeeK can be a secret in your pocket, travel-friendly and easy to carry, providing you with comfortable scalp massage anytime and anywhere.
Also, it turns out to be very popular with pets, like cats.