iSee4+Scalp 2 Massager

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Breo iSee 4 - relaxing kneading massage

Relaxing kneading massage

By applying kneading technology, iSee 4 adopts intelligent air pressure, vibration, point massage and heat compression to knead, press and hot compress the forehead and temple area around the eyes.

Breo iSee 4 - deep cleaning for scalp

Relaxation and deep cleaning for scalp

This smart massager is multifunctional. It helps blood circulation and relieves stress when applied to the scalp; it is also useful for muscle pain and soreness when applied to other body parts, like the neck, shoulders, arms, and legs.

Breo iSee 4 - foldable and portable design

180° Fordable and portable Design

Being 180° foldable, our new model iSee4 fits all face shapes; a wide elasticized band makes the massager suitable for all head sizes. Also, a weight of only 318 g largely increases the portability. iSee 4 is definitely a fancy item that enables you to relax anytime and anywhere.

Breo iSee 4 - easy to clean

Waterproof and easy to clean

The scalp is waterproof; so it can be used with wet hands and hair. When not in use, it is recommended to be placed on its base, which helps to keep the massager clean and sanitary. And the kneading heads are removable so cleaning is easy.