Breo iDream 5s | All-in-one APP-controlled Massager for Head Eye and Neck

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Dimension: L10 x W8.2 x H9.5 (in)
Materials: ABS / PU / protein leather
Heating Temperature: 109.4℉±37.4℉
NET WEIGHT: 2.1lb / 960g
ACCESSORIES: adaptor / charging cable


1. Can I use it if my skin is sensitive?
We use antibacterial anti-allergic material for skin contact. At the same time, stains can be cleaned with alcohol.

2. A/S policy?
We maintain free for 1 year; return and exchange are free for 14 days. Please check the Policy Page for more details.

3. Can children use iDream 5s?
We suggest that children should not use massagers under the age of 7.

Multi-touch massage leads to headache relief and a night of restful sleep.

Multi-touch massage leads to headache relief and a night of restful sleep.

Upgraded with Breo-patented technologies, iDream 5s applies shiatsu massage to your scalp, sophisticated heating and air compressed massage to your eyes, and at the same time, non-invasive kneading massage to your upper neck. The combined benefits from these massages turn out to help relieve chronic headaches and migraines, and as a result, contribute to a more restful sleep. 

Redesigned with 150 Kneading Points.

Redesigned with 150 Kneading Points.

The redesigned 150 nodes of iDream 5S apply a non-invasive kneading and shiatsu massage to a broader range of the center scalp area, effectively melting away your brain strain and fatigue to help the body unwind and promote sleep.

Updatable massage modes and Removeable Goggles

Updatable massage modes and Removeable Goggles

The refined, sophisticated microchip generates more precise eyes and neck massage that imitates reflexology kneading through intelligent airbags and massage nodes, with the kneading modes updatable by our software. Meanwhile, the goggles can be removed so that you can even enjoy the iDream5s while reading or watching a movie.

Enjoy an all-in-one massage at a touch.

Enjoy an all-in-one massage at a touch.

The one-button switch allows you to activate a nice massage for your scalp, eyes, and neck at one touch, super user-friendly.

World-Class Material.

World-Class Material.

The replacement of the previous cloth cover of the airbags with cutting-edge protein leather, which is a softer, more durable alternative, definitely adds the comfort and joy of your massage experience.

  • breo iDream 5s*1/ USB cable*1 / breo bag*1/ user's manuel*1

breo iDream 5s*1/ USB cable*1 / breo bag*1/ user's manuel*1
  • Review from Zhangdi about Breo iDream 5S product

    After few month of use, I would now recommend it. It really helps me relax after hours of work. You may feel a little bit too hard on top side at beginning. But when you get used to it. You will love it.


  • greg

    Feels great but pricy. All of Breo’s massagers satisfy me


  • Ray

    I bought a few. Both my family and myself loved it. It feels good to massage my head with it.


Breo iDream 5S - User manual

User manual. pdf


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