Breo WOWO S + isee4

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breo wowo s

Precise acupoint massage only for hands.

Your hands do a lot for you, and they deserve a good rest. WOWOS, integrating air and heat compression technology, promotes relaxation and pain relief for your hands by effective acupoint massage. 

Breo wowo S - hand beauty

Hand beauty, anywhere and anytime

The smart hand massager is initially designed for relaxation and pain relief. As an extra benefit, it can be used with hand cream and essence to provide nutritions for hands, beating cracked hands and contributing to healthy and beautiful hands.

Breo wowo S - thermal heating

Thermal heating for fingertips

If you have cold fingers and stiff joints, this smart massager will help. Compared with palm heating, WOWO S's fingertip heat therapy is more effective to promote blood circulation, warming your hands, and relieving stiffness.