Breo iNeck3 Pro App Bluetooth Controlled Thermostatic Heat Neck and Shoulder Massager

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PRODUCT NAME: breo iNeck 3 Pro
DIMENSION: 10.04 x 10.43 x 3.54 (in)
MODEL: iNeck 3 Pro
BATTERY CAPACITY: 1150 & 2300 mAh
NET WEIGHT: 1050 g
ACCESSORIES: adaptor / charging cable
MATERIALS: fabric / ABS / PU


1、Can I use it if my skin is sensitive?
We use antibacterial anti-allergic material for skin contact. At the same time, stains can be cleaned with alcohol.

2、A/S policy?
We maintain free for 1 year; return and exchange free for 14 days.

3、Can children use iNeck3 Pro?
We suggest that children should not use massager under the age of 7.

Breo iNeck 3 Pro - deeper and wider neck and spine massager

A deeper and wider massage for neck & spine.

The well-integrated kneading and shiatsu massaging technology, along with the full-coverage from C-shaped design, enables this upgraded massager to offer you deep and thorough science-backed neck and spine pain relief.

Breo iNeck 3 Pro - Soothing heat technology

Soothing heat technology adds to the joy.

Treat your neck with soothing heat. This ingenious device is equipped with innovative heat techniques. It keeps a constant temperature for your neck, adding to the delight of the massage.

Breo iNeck 3 Pro - ergonomic and functional design

Ergonomic and functional designs.

Carefully and ergonomically designed, iNeck 3 Pro is C-shaped and fits your neck comfortably, providing your neck with just the right amount of support. Get an instant and nice neck massage in your daily wellness routine wherever you are, by your desk, on the journey or at home.

Breo iNeck 3 Pro - smart app control and user friendly operation

User-friendly operation.

One-touch switch among the 3 built-in modes, along with the option to customize massaging patterns via App, makes it super easy to command. By linking to our smart App, you can have the massage in a personalized way.

  • adaptor*1 / charging cable*1

  • Review from Olta photoholic about breo iNeck 3 Pro - Neck and spine massager

    iNeck 3 Pro with Heat, it relaxs you in the winter, and also a good gift for Xmas & Family! 


  • Review from Pink.lem about breo iNeck 3 Pro - Neck and spine massager

    Mornings like this… 🥰 Hot cup of tea, beautiful window views from and relaxing neck massage with Breo iNeck 3 Pro from @breo.global ❤️


  • Review from Marika_Wojewoda about breo iNeck 3 Pro - Neck and spine massager

    Mega mega polecam ten masażer do napiętych miesni szyjnych!! Ja dużo jeżdżę autem, siłownia wszystko powoduje ze moje miesnie są spięte co później się przekłada na ból. A ze Krzysztof nie chętnie robi mi masaż to muszę używać takich cudów 😆


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